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We are happy to present you WatchSeries.Zone - the ultimate streaming site. WatchSeries has always been a popular streaming brand because it used to offer the biggest database of tv shows ever published by a free streaming site like this one and looking at the number of visitors it seems people loved to watch their shows here. It was the right choice because WatchSeries is offering a very good quality for all the video materials published here and also it does not require registration in order to watch something. Just press the play button and the movie will start running, there are no additional steps for watching movies online.

Unfortunately, one year ago we had some problems and because we couldn't work enough at this website, the popularity of WatchSeries.Zone started decreasing fast and only the loyal fans stayed here. The updates used to become rare and visitors left because they couldn't find the latest news but now we are back, up and running, with fresh strenght and we are ready to offer you the best experience while watching movies and series online for free in HD quality.

In the last month, we've refreshed every part of the website: updated the database with nearly 10.000 movies and 60.000 episodes with English subtitles, fixed broken pages, changed the design, repaired the old functions, added new features, organized all the content under categories, genres, years, networks and tags, created a blog section where we are posting the latest news from the cinema industry and many more changes that are making WatchSeries a way better streaming site in the present.

After the latest improvements, we really think you should consider WatchSeries.Zone to be your main source of free movies and series and we hope many people will do so. WatchSeries was a website well-known for its collection of tv series, as the name suggests, but recently we've also focused on movies and that's why our database is now filled with around 10.000 movies, old and new, so you can enjoy them for free in the best quality.

On WatchSeries you won't be bothered by any advertising. We know all of you are tired of crappy sites full of ads and that's why we've worked hard in the last month to get rid of all the advertising on this site and offer a very clean and smooth experience to our visitors. All our video players are provided by a non-affiliate third party and we don't have any control over it but we are doing our best to keep the movies ad-free for a very long time.

A lot of visitors are loving WatchSeries because we are always updating our database every day with the latest movies and episodes. We've developed a system that let us to publish the newest episodes within a few minutes after they are officially released. This way you can be the first one of your friends who watches the latest episodes from the most wonderful series. Now the Calendar section is available and that's the page where the latest content is well organized by the date of publishing and there you can figure out what episode to watch today.

The times when you had to wait half an hour for a movie to load completely so you can watch it without buffering have passed. Now we are living times when we want everything to happen instantly and nobody has time to lose waiting. This is the reason why we have improved and optimized our servers a lot and now the WatchSeries site is working perfectly and loading very fast regardless of the device you are using or the quality of your internet connection because the size of the files have been minimized as much as possible. We hope you are having a good experience while watching movies and series on our website and don't forget to bookmark our site so you can access it faster!